Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just another party in the city.

Ragini had planned the perfect celebration. A small candle-lit dinner, with her boyfriend Mehul and some close friends, right in her house. It was going to be the perfect 1st anniversary celebration ever. Except she hadn’t anticipated Hawaldar Rao and his colleague Chandra Reddy inviting themselves over. Apparently the inspectors had paid them a visit, after noticing couple of cars parked outside a house lit only with candles. “The four of us were just done with dinner and were chilling out on the terrace, when we heard someone’s voice downstairs. We went downstairs to see two policemen in my drawing room” says Ragini, who is renting an independent house in HXYZ Layout, Bangalore. 

Ragini’s  boyfriend Mehul further elaborates “They might have knocked once, before entering. One of them kept saying that it was a negligence on our part to leave the door unlocked. Though we apologized, they weren’t satisfied. In fact, that’s when they sat on our shoulders and demanded we go with them to the station on account of negligence to lock the door. Moreover they kept saying we were unknown guys in an unknown girl’s house beyond an unknown time, which was a crime. After that heck of a line we were given the option to either appear in court the next day or pay the fine there and then, which apparently was three thousand rupees. And when I asked for the receipt, they said I could collect it from the chowki, if I wanted it that bad. Unbelievable!”

When contacted, the SI at the local station, brushed off the matter saying  “I wasn’t there personally, but you must report the entire story, of how in such cases, we find them indulging in immoral activities and let them off with nothing but a warning. We have a responsibility towards our society and it’s our duty to safeguard all it’s interests. I’m sure those kids are exaggerating the facts. In this case, my men pointed out to the resident, that her door was open, and this is what we get in return. We have absolutely no interest in being party spoilers, and such irresponsible kids and the media are the ones drawing a shabby picture of the police force.”

Ragini however maintains that the door was completely closed. “Maybe it wasn’t locked, but I’m sure it was closed. Either ways how can they just barge into a girl’s house at the dead of the night and demand money? Also they speak only in kannada and were completely drunk.”

Youngsters living in the city often complain that unlike Mumbai and Delhi, where clubs and restaurants remain open till about 3am, the 11:30 pm curfew in Bangalore is a mood damper, which is why they have to plan parties at home and risk waking up the neighbours or paying fines. 

Ajay, an engineer and a resident of HXYZ layout, however points out “Girls generally are noisier and drunk girls are worse. We bachelors are awake till about 2am every weekend watching football and having chilled beer. Neither have we bothered anyone, nor has anyone bothered us.”


Hope and Faith

The thing about life changing decisions is that all of them seem to be the perfect thing to do while you’re taking them. Even if they aren’t, one’s subconscious plays the mind game and convinces oneself that  it is the right decision. These decisions, however radical and significant, seem super smart while making them. However after a few hours, the real importance of our choice begins to sink in. In some cases they seem wise, in most cases, scary. We often come to a point where we realize that an important piece of information was overlooked. That’s when a few nervous souls go into overdrive, giving their choices a second thought. Some of them stop and choose the other choice. Some accept it was a mistake and start again. Some, however stick by their choice strongly. They choose to, because of determination but more importantly, because of hope. Hope is perhaps man’s last weapon, in his armory. Hope is fuelled by faith. The stronger the faith, the higher the hopes. Perhaps that’s why a billion souls hope for a victory every time Sachin Tendulkar walks into the ground. Had Dhoni, not had enough faith in himself, he wouldn’t have bat up the order, and hoped to seize the WC.  Leaders aren’t men, who take the right decision. Leaders are those who take a decision and prove it right.

Never analyze your options more than what is required. A good friend once said, over-analysis leads to paralysis. It’s not possible to sit in a room and see yourself 10 years from now. Those who say, they saw, lied. They didn’t see, but they hoped. Only the ones that truly believes in themselves can achieve what they hope for. Hope and faith are inter-dependent. One needs to have faith to hope and some need hope to strengthen their faith.  These are what life’s most important decisions are made of. A hope for a better life and the faith that we can achieve what we hope for. Hope and Faith.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Language, One spirit

Music influences everything. If not in a Hans Zimmer way, then in an Ilayaraaja manner. I find it wonderfully ubiquitous and subtle at the same time.  I believe there’s music in sunshine, in that special someone’s laughter, and even in the most powerful 3 worded sentence in the world. Just as there’s music in everything that’s good, there’s music in bad too. Some listen to sad, heart wrenching songs, after a bad break up, whereas other prefer a specific rock song, by puddle of mud. We often resort to music not just to express our emotions, but also to understand them.

Music influences us as individuals, our moods, our relationships, our sleep patterns and our work. It has the power to change one’s status update on Facebook. I may not hook up with someone, because she listens to lady gaga, and yet, I may bend the rules for a Katy Perry fan. Music, helps me introspect, retrospect and sometimes circumspect and not because my name means so, but because a structured arrangement of vocal tones knows how to work my mind. The lyrics have never really meant much to me. I always hear the hidden melody before the words. It’s the way my strings have been stretched.

There is a reason why A R Rahman is loved world over.  Be it, his evergreen chotti si aasha or the ever inspiring OST for 127 hours, almost everyone ends up in awe of what this man has composed. That’s what true music really is; A language or a religion of it’s own.  It doesn’t have taboos or moral ethics. Music, in fact shapes them. There is neither any kind of feudal system nor any high priest.  One language, one spirit.

I do not intend to tell you about my favourite band nor do I want to influence the way you think about me. But If by now, you aren’t convinced that I’m insane, then I guess, you and I probably like listening to same kind of music.